Who We Are
SyncOnSet was born out of a simple idea: replace the three-ring production binder with professional software designed for how production teams work.
Now embraced by thousands of TV series and films around the world, SyncOnSet has grown into the leading entertainment technology company for digitizing physical production and managing creative content.
Our Mission
Be fanatical about building software that helps production crews work together faster and happier.
Whether it’s our award-winning SyncOnSet Production App for managing continuity, our Shop platform for organizing costume team online purchasing, or our Inventory Management System for tracking assets, we build our software with the goal of making it easier and faster for production teams to do their jobs well.
Meet Our Team

Alex LoVerde CEO & Co-founder Fav movie: LOTR: The Two Towers

“I love that I am challenged everyday and that I leave feeling productive. I also love how well everyone gets along here and that everyone is motivated to do the best work they can.”

Krystal Kallarackal Software Developer Fav Movie: The Prestige

Sarah Mayo Customer Success Manager Fav TV Show: Doctor Who

Rob Winchell VP, Engineering Fav TV Show: Twin Peaks

Anthony Russo Acrobat Fav Movie: Christmas with the Kranks

Susanna Brown Quality Assurance Fav Movie: Stardust

Dan McNamara Software Developer Fav TV Show: Firefly

"We get to tackle unique problems and find new solutions every day."

Sherlock Holmes Detective & Dog Fav TV Show: Scooby-Doo

Jeff Impey VP, Strategy & Operations & Co-founder

"Working with people who inspire me and push me every day makes me a better (and happier) employee!"

Nate Almeida Software Developer Fav Movie: WALL-E

Andrew Stephan Software Developer Fav TV Show: Doctor Who

Stephanie Kim Customer Success Fav TV Show: Skins (UK)

Savannah Rubbico Account Development Fav Movie: Rushmore

Brett Beaulieu-Jones Technology Security Officer & Co-founder Fav TV Show: Mr. Robot

Kandace Munoz Account Development Executive Fav TV Show: Breaking Bad

"Everyone here loves movies and tv! It brings us together and inspires our work."

Sam Dushay Software Developer Fav Movie: LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Kevin Noonan Account Development Executive Fav TV Show: Always Sunny

"I love that we're solving real business problems that affect real people, who we keep focused on in every decision."

Edward Santee Customer Success Fav TV Show: Seinfeld

Sarah McCormick Account Development Executive Fav Movie: Jaws

Holly Holcomb Account Development Fav Movie: Back to the Future

Bob Beitcher Board Director CEO, Motion Picture Television Fund (fmr CEO, Panavision)

Wendy Aylsworth Technology Advisor (fmr SVP Emerging Technology, Warner Bros.)

Matthew Christensen Board Director & Investor Rose Park Advisors

Jeffrey Silverman Board Director & Investor Laconia Capital Group

Maia Heymann Board Director & Investor Converge Venture Partners

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