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1. Why is Sync OnSet free for an individual? +

Sync OnSet is designed as a collaboration tool to save time, eliminate printing, and even make your job more enjoyable. But if you want to try it out by yourself, it's 100% free. Under the free solo account, you can take advantage of our autoscript breakdown and many of your favorite reports. So get started today by registering here (no credit card required). We're confident you'll love it and want to bring it to the rest of your team.

2. Why do you charge production rather than individual users? +

Sync OnSet provides significant value to the whole production (and studio). Many TV and Film projects offer Sync OnSet to their creative departments because they know it will help keep production running smoothly, reduce costs, and improve security. Just let your UPM know you're interested in using us on your next project. Or, even better, contact us and let us make that initial intro.

3. Is Sync OnSet Secure? +

Yes, your data is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized people outside of the production. We understand the sensitive nature of production data. We have been approved by major studios after undergoing rigorous security tests. You can view our security documentation here and contact us directly with specific security questions.

More information about Sync OnSet's security

4. Do I need internet access to use Sync OnSet? +

You do need internet access to set up the production and break down the script, but afterwards you can work offline on an iOS or Android device. Our mobile app is designed as the replacement for the physical binder so it can take notes and photos completely offline. Crews have also implemented 4G wireless cards to be able set up productions from their laptop when they do not have WiFi access.

5. How much does it cost?+

We have tiered pricing to fit your production needs, whether you're on a small indie project or studio production. We have pre-negotatiated rate cards and agreements at specific studios so please call us about pricing.

6. Do you have a deal with my Studio or Production Company?+

Many studios do have enterprise deals in place with Sync OnSet. Please contact us to see if your production is covered under one of these existing agreements. Our deals with Studios set forth specific discounts depending on the project size.

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