SyncOnSet for Makeup

Makeup Artist

SyncOnSet offers secure software designed to help your Makeup team work faster and improve collaboration.

  • Save 4-12 hours on each script breakdown 
  • Upload and share continuity photos from your mobile device
  • Organize notes about each character’s look, style, and products used
  • Collaborate with other departments, including costumes

SyncOnSet is even available as an off-line mobile app, so you can work without wifi, on set.

Organize your crew with cross-department scene descriptions, shooting schedules, and script days.

Share actor notes. Track looks for characters by scene and shoot date.

SyncOnSet offers Makeup department software for photo uploads and continuity notes.

Makeup continuity can be tracked from prep, to shoot, through wrap.

We work with thousands of makeup teams on every type of project, including multi-cam sitcoms, episodic dramas, indie films, and tentpole feature films.

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