SyncOnSet Security Whitepaper


Our security whitepaper found here outlines SyncOnSet Technologies’ approach to
security and compliance for all of its cloud-based solutions for TV
and film productions and studios.

As a cloud-based system, SyncOnSet operates very differently
from previous on-premise and analog solutions. Rather than
residing on one crew member’s personal device, content is now
managed on secure servers, accessible from any authorized
user’s device. Prior to SyncOnSet, production data was frequently
lost, stolen, or destroyed. Today, however, productions have
solutions that not only protect data from unauthorized access,
but eliminate the risk of data loss.

Security drives SyncOnSet’s organizational structure, training
priorities, and hiring processes. Security is the cornerstone
for how SyncOnSet handles customer data, account controls,
compliance audits, and certifications. SyncOnSet fully
understands the security implications of the cloud model. Our
cloud services are designed to deliver stronger security than
existing on-premise solutions. Our security policies are designed
to meet or exceed MPAA best practice recommendations.
Each studio must assess whether the security controls
and compliance of any cloud solution meet their individual
requirements, and therefore must understand how SyncOnSet
protects and processes production data under the highest
standards of security.




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