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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! These are a few we hear often, but if you have others, please feel free to let us know! You can always reach out to contact@synconset.com with any questions.


Is SyncOnSet secure?

  • Yes, your data is secure and can only be accessed by authorized people on the production. We understand the sensitive nature of industry data. We are security approved by all major studios and we regularly conduct rigorous security tests. You can view our security documentation here or reach us at contact@synconset.com with specific security questions.

Is SyncOnSet approved by my Studio or Production Company?

  • We work with productions across every major studio and may already have specific agreements in place with your studio. Please contact our Accounts team (accounts@synconset.com) to see if your production is covered under one of these existing agreements.

I’m working on a highly-secure project. Does SyncOnSet offer advanced security features?

  • Absolutely! We have pioneered new levels of security functionality to protect the sensitive content of production departments, including watermarking on photos and two-factor authentication. Compared to the traditional 3-ring binder, use of personal hard drives, and generic cloud storage accounts, SyncOnSet offers the highest level of content security designed specifically for TV and film production.

Internet Access

Can I still use SyncOnSet if I have limited access to WiFi?

  • Of course! Our mobile app is designed as a replacement for the physical binder so you can take notes and photos in SyncOnSet completely offline. At the end of the day, when you have access to the internet, you can sync your device to share your notes with the rest of your team. Please note, however, that you will need internet access to set up a production and break down your scripts. Many productions we work with have limited access to the internet during shoots so we’re confident that we can find a solution that meets your needs.  If you have any questions, please contact support@synconset.com.


I’ve never used SyncOnSet before. Is there a way for me to try it out?

  • Yes, SyncOnSet is designed as a collaboration tool to save time, eliminate printing, and even make your job more enjoyable. If you want to try it out by yourself, we provide a 7-day free trial for new productions. During your free trial, you can take advantage of our basic features, including one automatic script breakdown and use of our mobile app. Get started today by requesting an account here (no credit card required). We’re confident you’ll love it and want to bring it to the rest of your team!

I’m not on a show yet. Can I use SyncOnSet for interviewing?

  • Each project comes with a 7-day free trial, which allows you to complete a preliminary breakdown and budget. If you need access longer than the trial period, please contact our Accounts team at accounts@synconset.com.

Why do productions pay for SyncOnSet?

  • SyncOnSet provides significant value to the whole production (and studio). Many TV and film projects offer SyncOnSet to their departments because they know it will help keep production running smoothly, reduce costs, and improve security. Just let your UPM know you’re interested in using us on your next project. Or, even better, contact our Accounts team (accounts@synconset.com) and they’d be happy to make the initial introduction!

How much will SyncOnSet cost my production?

  • We have tiered pricing to fit your production’s needs–whether you’re on a small indie or studio project. We work with crews to tailor plans that make sense for each project and have pre-negotiated rate cards and agreements at specific studios. To receive a tailored quote for your production, please call our Accounts team at 310-451-1792 ext (2).

Getting Started

Is it possible for me to learn a new system while also starting a new production?

  • Sure it is! New users get started every day and most learn SyncOnSet in less than an hour. SyncOnSet was designed to fit the fast, complex workflow of production so most crews have a very smooth transition from their old systems.  Our support team is dedicated to making your first project a success. If you have any questions during production, our team is available 6am-6pm PT Monday through Friday. We’re here to help!

Some of my team members are not tech-savvy. How can I teach them to use SyncOnSet?

  • We designed SyncOnSet with industry professionals in mind and the goal of making it as easy to use as possible. Our customer support team provides personal tutorials with paid subscriptions as well as ongoing support throughout production.

How quickly can I get an account set up for my show?

  • Once an account has been approved, getting set up takes only a few minutes!

Using SyncOnSet with Other Departments

Which departments can use SyncOnSet?

  • We currently offer solutions for six departments; Costumes, Props, Set Dec, Hair, Makeup, and Locations.

Which departments can use SyncOnSet?

  • It’s up to you and your production! Departments have the option to share a centralized scenes and characters breakdown — saving the hassle of everyone typing out their own and allowing script updates to be distributed instantaneously — as well as the ability to share access to continuity photos to other departments on the show.

What Happens at Wrap?

Will I still be able to access my production after the show wraps?

  • Yes, your data remains accessible in perpetuity. Once a season wraps, all the data stays archived in “read-only” mode so the team can access everything that was entered and stored for the season, including photos and reports.

Can my account be reopened for reshoots?

For an episodic, can I carry over any information from season to season?

  • Definitely! We offer a Season Data Transfer which will save you time by pulling over principal Characters, BG Characters, Items, and Actors from a previous season.

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